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“East Moline Christian is by far the best school in the area. They have excellent teachers, strong leadership, and challenging academics, but they also lead students toward a personal walk with the Lord. They are short on space ONLY bc they are still gathering the funds needed to begin the necessary expansion projects. EMCS does not accept any government funds, a thing to be admired in a society where money is given so freely to anyone reaching a hand out. That is where the use of fundraisers comes into play for EMC. There are btw only 4. These cut tuition costs and make EMCS the most affordable in the area. Inexpensive does not always mean lower quality, and EMCS does not lack quality at all. The 2011 senior class averaged a 27 ACT score! Universities in both IL and IA offered sports players in the local public schools a full ride scholarship if they could score a 20! 3 and 4 year old children are reading already when the national average has children learning to read as 1st and 2nd graders! Please visit the school before setting it aside as not right for your child. It certainly changes lives for the better!”