Fall Activities (September — November)

Camp Forest Springs

Each fall, grades 7-12 take a trip to Camp Forest Springs for an entire week of outdoor education. Camp Forest Springs is located in beautiful northern Wisconsin. The students enjoy hiking, water sports, archery, air rifles, paintball, outdoor cookouts, and classes. Near the end of the week, the Juniors and Seniors are led on a canoe trip with the Camp Forest Springs staff. The trip is an exciting time for the Juniors and Seniors to learn more about each other and themselves. All these activities are secondary to the spiritual growth sessions offered by our ministerial staff. During these sessions, the students have time to learn so much about God and what their relationship with Him should be.

Fall Festival

Each year in October, EMCS holds an exciting event known as the Fall Festival. This is a fun-filled day for the entire family, complete with carnival games, a silent auction, tractor rides, great food off the grill, and chances to make memories around every corner. All money raised at this event is used to fund the Eagles athletics programs for the year.

Heritage Day

Heritage Day is a day designed to honor the pilgrims and Indians involved in the first Thanksgiving. Heritage Day provides students the opportunity to learn about the sacrifice of the pilgrims and Indians at the first Thanksgiving and to recognize God’s providence and blessing in near hopeless circumstances.

  Winter Activities (December — February)

Homecoming Week

In January, the high school students of EMCS participate in homecoming week. Students show school spirit by wearing themed outfits to class. These range from twin day to school spirit day. On Thursday of homecoming week, the high school students take part in a special homecoming banquet. Dressed in their best, these young men and young ladies are given the opportunity to experience fine dining. At the end of the homecoming week, EMCS holds a special ceremony to crown the King and Queen of the year’s Homecoming Court.

Spring Activities (March — May)

St. Patrick’s Day

Every St. Patrick’s Day, EMC students take half the day and go roller skating. This tradition was started by Superintendent James Patrick, and has been enjoyed by the students ever since. They appreciate the opportunity to relax with friends while skating around the rink to Celtic music.  

Grandparents Day

On this important day, the grandparents of EMC students are invited to a student variety program recognizing the importance of grandparents in student success. The grandparents are then given a tour of the facilities and the classes in session that day. This day gives EMCS the opportunity to connect with grandparents and update them on what their grandchildren are accomplishing at school.

Field Trips

Each year, every class at East Moline Christian School goes on various field trips. Through the years, Kindergarten and the Elementary have gone to Niabi Zoo, the Putnam Museum, the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, the Fulton Windmill, the Quad City Symphony, and the Wonder Bread Factory. The Junior High and High School have toured the Mississippi River on the Celebration Belle and have been to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, the Capitol in Springfield, IL; and the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

Senior Trip

Every year, the senior class raises money to go on a 10-day senior trip. The trip varies a little bit each year. With trips to Washington, D.C., New York City, Boston, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, and other cities, the senior trip is a time for the seniors to enjoy different places and to make memories as a class. This year, the seniors went out to St. Louis, Missouri, Estes Park, the Royal Gorge, Garden of the gods, and Colorado Springs in Colorado, Mt. Rushmore, the Corn Palace, Wall Drug (for free ice water and fabulous donuts), and the Mall of America. 

Science Fair

In the spring of each year, the students involved in science classes participate in a science fair. Each student chooses a topic from the field he is studying, researches that topic, and prepares a presentation for the class. When all the projects have been presented, parents are invited to see the projects on display.

Softball Tournament

In the last months of the school year, the junior high and high school P.E. classes practice softball to prepare for the annual softball tournament held in the first week of May. Students are split into teams and spend the day enjoying spring and softball as summer break approaches.


Year-long Activities


East Moline Christian School has three choral programs that correspond with the three major holidays that occur during the school year. The Thanksgiving Program is centered on the Christian heritage our nation has and the thankfulness we ought to show to the Lord for our protection and blessing. The Christmas Program focuses on Jesus’ birth and the events of the nativity. The Easter Program presents Christ’s sacrifice for us on the cross and his resurrection three days later.

Drama and Speech

In this elective class, students learn the art of public speaking as well as the skills involved in putting on a dramatic production. The sets, props, and costumes as well as sound, lighting, and staging are designed by the students and the class work culminates in a dramatic production at the end of the school year. 

American Heritage Girls

“American Heritage Girls is a Christian scouting program dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country. The organization offers badge programs, service projects, girl leadership opportunities, and outdoor experiences to its members. It serves as a catalyst for building young women of integrity and faith. It also broadens girls social development through extra-curricular activities.”