“Would give ten stars!!”

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from East Moline Christian School–News & Updates

Crystal Sidlinger

“Great School! Wonderful people!! Would give ten stars!!”

“Fantastic athletic program!”

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from East Moline Christian School–News & Updates

Jeannette Ramos

“Great people, excellent atmosphere, and fantastic athletic program!”

” I would not hesitate in suggesting EMCS to anyone!”

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from East Moline Christian School–News & Updates

Seth Fuller

“It’s hard to find words that can describe a place like East Moline Christian School. It has a rich history of training boys and girls to serve God in whatever areas He has called them to. They have been blessed with God-honoring leadership whose focus is on the well being of their students. East Moline shares a common goal–training the next generation to serve Christ. You will be hard pressed to find a place that will give your child the kind of education like what is offered at East Moline Christian School. EMC is a testimony of the faithfulness of its leaders that have been there since its conception. I have had the opportunity to see first hand what goes in to preparing for each school year and it’s not an easy task. This further proves the dedication of the staff and faculty to give their students the best educational experience possible. I would not hesitate for a moment in suggesting East Moline Christian School to anyone!”

“Our kids love their teachers”

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“Hello, I just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the school and our girls’ teachers. Our kids love their teachers and enjoy themselves so much they come home and play school. We know our girls’ teachers have made such a positive influence on our children when they talk about their teachers all the time. Thank you for hiring such wonderful teachers.”

–The Burton family

“Little education to be had at public school”

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To Pastor Patrick and the entire family at EMCS:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your kindness, support, and generosity that you have shown to our family. Your school and mission is such a blessing to the Quad-City area. The calling to minister to the little tender-hearted ones is apparent and the Holy Spirit can be felt in all that you do. I wish we had never taken our son to public school in an attempt to “save some money” on education. There was little education to be had there and it was void of the spirit of God; instead, it was covertly filled with the spirit of humanism. In three years at public school (one with a good reputation), Tyler never surpassed what he learned from his wonderful kindergarten teacher at EMCS. Thanks again for everything. We will keep EMCS in our prayers!

With love,

The Boedeker Family

“Very happy with all teachers and staff.”

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“My preschool grandson attends this school. Absolutely a wonderful, well run school. Very happy with all teachers and staff.”

“Definitely the best value in the Quad Cities”

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“Small, well managed class sizes. Teachers really take an interest in knowing each individual student. School leadership is passionate about educating children in a Christian environment that is financially affordable. Definitely the best value in the Quad Cities.”

“East Moline Christian is by far the best school in the area.”

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“East Moline Christian is by far the best school in the area. They have excellent teachers, strong leadership, and challenging academics, but they also lead students toward a personal walk with the Lord. They are short on space ONLY bc they are still gathering the funds needed to begin the necessary expansion projects. EMCS does not accept any government funds, a thing to be admired in a society where money is given so freely to anyone reaching a hand out. That is where the use of fundraisers comes into play for EMC. There are btw only 4. These cut tuition costs and make EMCS the most affordable in the area. Inexpensive does not always mean lower quality, and EMCS does not lack quality at all. The 2011 senior class averaged a 27 ACT score! Universities in both IL and IA offered sports players in the local public schools a full ride scholarship if they could score a 20! 3 and 4 year old children are reading already when the national average has children learning to read as 1st and 2nd graders! Please visit the school before setting it aside as not right for your child. It certainly changes lives for the better!”

“This is a top school that also teaches morals!”

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“This is a top school that also teaches morals! That is so important to people of faith in this day and age. They have top students and teachers.”

“This school is amazing.”

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“My son is in preschool and I was VERY picky when deciding where to send him. In my opinion, his first year makes a huge difference to his future as well as any other grade school year. This school is amazing. The staff is wonderful, the pastor is wonderful and most importantly the children really learn in a loving and intelligent environment. I could go on and on and feel free to e-mail me for more!”