East Moline Christian School was founded by Pastor James Patrick in 1976. If you were to visit and compare the various public, private, and Christian schools within the Quad City area, you would be immediately impressed with the fact that East Moline Christian is truly unique. High academics! Christian values! A safe and loving environment! EMC builds character, self-respect, family values, and a respect for God and country. EMC prepares students physically, emotionally, spiritually, morally, and academically. Through Christian education, EMC produces solid citizens with decent morals and a sense of direction for their lives, leaders who are capable of building a better future, and family members who work together to build a solid family structure. Christian education does not cost– it pays!!
East Moline Christian School is spaciously located on nine acres of ground in East Moline, Illinois. Over the years, God has blessed our efforts. As we have grown in number, we have also grown in facilities. You would enjoy a walk through our buildings. No other school in the Quad-City area has such beautiful displays against backdrops of velvet, which depict our nation’s Christian and historical past. These displays, plus oil portraits of the Presidents and their wives, grace the hallways of our main educational building, making your visit a most memorable one.
All too often, Christian schools have started because of a sincere burden for a child’s spiritual needs, but the schools are not properly staffed with fully qualified teachers. It is our firm conviction that all teachers must be fully qualified with credentials from institutions of higher learning to bring out the best in your child. Our test scores are a testimony of a well-trained staff. We believe that the highest standards for our staff are an absolute must if your child is to receive a proper education. Needless to say, all teachers must know Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord of their lives.
Every class has a Biblical base. It is our belief that the source of all true wisdom is God. We seek to instill this philosophy into our children. However, I want to emphasize that the East Moline Christian School is not a “glorified Sunday School.” Too often Christian schools spend so much time studying the Bible that other courses, which are necessary for your child’s development, are neglected. We have a definite time to study the Bible, but we will not allow our study of God’s Word to hinder the study of mathematics, English, science, and other subjects.



Compare our academic level- Our test scores consistently reveal that the average student at East Moline Christian School is at least a year or more above the national level. Our accelerated classes will usually exceed the public school’s gifted program!

Compare our facilities- We offer a more beautiful and relaxed campus.

Compare our tuition fees- East Moline Christian School is almost always less expensive.